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 King of the Chaya

120 Minutes (3,900 net++) 4,590.30 THB

Experience a signature The Chaya spa treatment combining techniques from traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage, and Luk Pro Kob. Stretching movements, hot compresses and a sublime spinal application of our intensely nourishing and aromatic body oil will leave you in a profound state of relaxation

 Queen of the Chaya

120 Minutes (3,900 net++) 4,590.30 THB

A complete mind and body relax, Sakura scrub to pair with a relaxation massage using your Sakura Oil. Finishing with a mini-facial, this is sure to remove the effects of long travel or workdays


In Room Massage

30 ก.ค. 2559

Spa Therapy

25 พ.ค. 2559

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